soundscape look

- Sound. Through the combination of sounds you can create a language that expresses both the complexities of your imagination and thoughts, and provokes visual images that are memorable and clear. Sounds become symbols for colors and shapes, an echo of elements that they represent; a tool that makes things.

- This work consist of a soundscape created from sounds collected on a small mp3 recorder over a three day period. The sounds were cataloged as individual elements and then used for the creation of the final SOUNDSCAPE.

- By interacting with the landscape in the search for sounds, the gap between the landscape and I narrowed. The richness in detail of my surroundings was discovered. The collection of sounds is more a process of cataloguing than creating. Moment-by-moment, place-by-place, sound-by-sound, each of which is individual to itself; a library that cannot be recreated. It may not even be that the purpose is to create or transmit information, but more so to put it in a safe place.

- During this process no portion of the gathered information was changed, the only thing that changed was my responsibility towards it. My responsibility was to make sure that nothing was left out, for if it was left out it was as if it had never been.