divergent dreams slideshow

- Just as silence can contain something more than language could ever say, the moments unrecognized by ourselves as significant or worthy of attention within our own lives could hold more insight into the forces propelling our actions, the elements of inspiration forming our thoughts, and the values shaping our judgements than we could ever perceive from our perpetual position as pilot.

- While it can be taxingly difficult to see from the perspectives of another how they justify the actions they make, choose the words they speak and formulate the conclusions they draw; it is equally challenging to perceive the subtle shading and gradation of our own lives that goes unnoticed behind the shadow of what we recognize to be significant.

- When given the opportunity to see our own lives through the command of another we are forced to rethink things already thought, abandon frameworks habitually drawn upon and consent to the risk of finding ourselves on strange ground within our own homes by accepting the chance to see the aspects of our lives that bear imprint onto our souls but are deemed inconsequential through our own field of vision.

- PARTICIPATION DOCUMENTATION COLLECTION PERCEPTION consists of a collection of images representing moments in my life that were selected by others. As a means of creating this work I invited friends to participate through two methods of PARITICIPATION. For the first method I created a set of coupons that included my mobile phone number as well as an individual number that was unique to each coupon. I distributed these coupons to friends and asked them to please send a text message to my mobile phone instructing me to take a photograph at any time of their choosing. At the exact moment of receiving their text message I took a photograph of whatever happened to be in front of me at that time. The image taken was then paired with their corresponding coupon number. The second method of participation was implemented by inviting friends to send an email to my mobile phone instructing me to take a photograph of whatever was in front of me at that moment and replied to their email with a coupon number (chosen from coupon numbers still available) that was paired with their photograph. The DOCUMENTATION process of this work is therefore completely orchestrated by those sending the text messages and emails. I am in charge of the COLLECTION of the images but have no say whatsoever what moments in my life, and therefore images, are chosen. This work serves to open a new avenue of PERCEPTION, a means of looking at my life through a perspective I could never aspire to unearth on my own but that is entirely within my reach. A recording of my own perceptions unnoticed. Drawing a picture as a means of illustrating to myself a world, my world, that without prompting by another to see I could never bring into focus.

- Each moment recorded in the collection becomes to some degree unwed from the greater whole, singled out from the rest of the field and upheld as an instant worth noting. The compilation combining each noteworthy instant then becomes an ensemble, the musical score placing each note, crescendo and rest into a cohesive whole representing the elements of my life that are both known, and new, in chorus.